Shockwave Therapy or ESWT is a multidisciplinary device which is used in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology and veterinary medicine. This is a non-surgical, noninvasive treatment, no type of anesthesia is required to be given during the treatment. It is One type of powerful acoustic wave when applied to the painful areas over the skin this wave increases the natural growth process of bones, tendons and other soft tissues as a result pain decreases and helps in creating new tissue which is totally free from side effects. There is no downtime for this treatment, right after taking therapy you can continue doing normal work.
Shamsul Hoque Nadim SHockwave Practicioner
Shamsul Hoque Nadim
Certified Shock Wave Practitioner - Ben Euro Physiotherapy Clinic. Training and Membership - International Society of Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST), Auckland, New Zealand BSPT (DU, CRP), MDT- Part A (UK), Silva Graduate (Meditation)

If you Suffer from chronic or long term pain, have been taking pain medications for a very long time, have taken physio/laser/ultrasound therapy, but not getting results as expected then you may avail this treatment. Besides, this therapy is very effective for muscle or tissue damage from sports injuries or from sitting in one position for very long periods at the workplace

With the help of a specialized device mechanical waves are entered over the skin where the problem lies on the body creating micro trauma on tissues of the affected area, this micro trauma triggers natural growth of the body, increases blood vessel formation and increases amount of nutrients to the affected area. As a result, decreasing pain.

Tennis Elbow
Golfer’s Elbow
Knee Pain
Achilles tendinitis
Patella Tendonitis
Plantar Fasciitis
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Shoulder Pain
Neck Pain
Muscle Knots
Sprains & Strains

This therapy is of many types, what type it will be depends on varying factors like if the pain is at the bone, muscle, ligament, tendon or joint. It will be best if you can come over to our clinic for a consultation

Treatment is given by specialized Training certified shockwave specialist

This totally depends on the patient’s condition. You may come over to our chamber for a consultation.

There are no side effects at all.

Our clinic is located in Bashundhara Residential area, near Jamuna Future Park. Enter through Bashundhara Gate, after going ahead a little distance there will be Pizza Hut on your left, alongside there is Pitha Ghor. Then the lane that runs right beside Pitha Ghor is where the clinic is located

This treatment is a bit more expensive than the usual normal therapy. It will cost about 3-4 thousand taka per session and a total of 5-7 sessions is usually required to get full benefit.


Our clinic is open every day of the week Monday to Sunday. For the time being sessions are regularly provided from afternoon 4pm to 9pm night. If you would like an earlier or morning session that may also be arranged by giving us a call beforehand and making an appointment

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is a very popular and recognized treatment method for the treatment of pain all over the world,, which we have brought to Bangladesh first.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, contact us. To make an appointment message us on Facebook or call us at-  01727656237, 01977656237

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